Wanna get sponsored by SOURCE?

Wanna get sponsored by source?


We are currently looking for new team members across Canada to promote Source signature products! You must have a strong social media presence, a solid portfolio of work, and you must truly enjoy using our stuff. We are looking for artists in all geographic areas of Canada, and will be less likely to sponsor you if we already have a sponsored artist in your city/shop.


Sponsorship offers you a monthly store credit with Source (applicable to certain items) as well as regular re-posts/tags/and shoutouts on all of our social media and networking platforms. We will also provide you with convention swag including a personalized team member banner and promo materials for give away. From time to time we will send you fun gifts as well as products to trial that we have yet to bring to market.


In exchange, you use and help us promote one or more of our signature products (Meta Tips, METAPROTEKT, Deaths’ Head Needles, Pistol Grips and Pistol Grips for Cartridges). Your store credit is applicable to these items, and you must consistently use one or more of them and tag them and us in all your social media posts. You must also add the ‘sponsored by source’ logo to all your tattoo posts. If you don’t use or like these products, this isn’t for you! Please keep it real ;)


To apply, send us an email at:


Include your name, shop name and address, and a link to your portfolio, Instagram and Facebook pages. We will get back to you asap and let you know if your application has been accepted.

Thanks for your help!

STS Team