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Breathable, transparent, medical adhesive tattoo bandage. 

This product is AWESOME! Particularly for small and medium sized tattoos. Easy to cut to size and apply...let's  your clients show off their INCREDIBLE BRAGWORTHY work the minute they're out the door!

Stays on comfortably overnight when necessary and doesn't feel like you're wearing a diaper. Awesome for convention situations where you wants your clients to be mingling and showing off your fresh work. Your clients will especially appreciate it if they're returning to work or going out after being tattooed.


1) Cut out a piece large enough to allow a minimum 1/2 inch overlap around the tattoo.

2) Wash and dry the tattoo. Apply a SUPER THIN layer of Petroleum Jelly or A&D to ONLY the tattooed skin (if you apply it to the surrounding skin, the adhesive will not stick).

3) Peel off the grid backing, and apply the adhesive surface to the tattoo.

4) Press the bandage in place from the center out towards the edges to eliminate all the air you can from under the bandage.

5) Peel off the loose plastic top layer 

(note: if your tattoo is still bleeding a bit, use a cut strip of absorbent bandage under the tattoo, then apply DermaCURE over to top. The absorbent bandage will work to absorb and excess blood).

CE/FDA approved.

We should also point out the we KILL IT on price on this product compared to similar products (upto $50/roll from some suppliers!)

    Comes in a roll 15cm x 5m