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World Famous Tattoo Ink - Color & Greywash Ink Sets

World Famous Tattoo Ink - Color & Greywash Ink Sets

We carry 120+ individual colors of World Famous Tattoo Ink, as well as over 30 curated artist sets and individual Greywash bottles. WF is made in the USA and is Vegan, Cruelty Free, and Fully Sterilized with Gamma Radiation.

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Lining & Shading Set - 4 bottles (avail. in 1oz and 4oz)

  • Legendary Outlining Black, Dark, Midtone, Charcoal


Charcoal Wash Set - 3 bottles (avail. in 1oz and 4oz)

  • Charcoal, Midtone, Dark


World Famous 5 Stage Shading Set - 6 bottles (avail. in 1oz and 4oz)

  • Dark Greywash, Mid Tone Greywash, Charcoal Greywash, Light Greywash, Ghost Wash, Shading Solution


Silvano Fiato BlackWash Set - 6 bottles (avail. in 1oz and 4oz)

  • Extreme Black, Black, Dark, Light, Lightest, Mixer


Jose Perez Jr. Darkwater Set - 6 bottle set (avail. in 1oz and 4oz)

  • Deepest Black, Darkest, Dark, Medium, Light, Lightest

Erich Rabel Greywash Set - 6 bottles (avail. in 1oz and 4oz)

  • True Black, R1 Dark Shade, R2 Middle Shade. R3 Light Shade, R4 Very Light Shade, Special Solution


A.D. Pancho Pastel Grey Set - 6 bottles (avail. in 10z)

  • Pastel Grey #1, Pastel Grey #2, Pastel Grey #3, Pastel Grey #4, Pastel Grey #5, Pastel Grey #6



Monochrome Set - 6 bottles (avail. in 1oz)

  • 4B, 2B, B, HB, H, 2H


Sarah Miller Valhalla Set - 16 bottles (avail. in 1oz)

  • Ragnarok Red, Heimdall Brown, Yggdrasil, Mjonir Gold, Asgard Gold, Midgard Green, Loki Green, Jotunn Blue, Aesir Flesh #1, Aesir Flesh #2, Aesir Flesh #3, Vlakyrie Fleshtone, Fenrir Grey #1, Fenrir Grey #2, Fenrir Grey #3, Freya Purple


Master Mike Asian Set - 16 bottles (avail. in 1oz)

  • Abby Magenta, Master Mike Red, Inkfiend Red, Maximus Peach Blossom, Violet Phoenix, Gabby’s Cheeks, Koi Orange, Dragon Scales, SEA, 24KT Gold, Kirin Gold, Money Frog Green, Aqua Daryl China White, Demon Red, Guan Yu


Oleg Color Realism Set - 16 bottles (avail. in 1oz)

  • Light Skin, Medium Skin, Dark Skin, Blush, Cloud Blue, SEA Blue, Deep Green, Soft Yellow, Redwood, USSR Red, Kremlin Copper, Leather, Light Green, Peach, Brick Red, Blood Red


Maks. K Blood Set - 4 bottles (avail. in 1oz)

  • Open Wound, Hemmorage ,Laceration, Scab


Maks. K Pink Skintone Set - 4 bottles (avail. in 1oz)

  • Pink Skintone #1, Pink Skintone #2, Pink Skintone #3, Pink Skintone #4


Maks. K Zombie Set - 6 bottles (avail. in 1oz)

  • Brain Matter, Bruised Skin, Bile, Cold Corpse, Mucus, Bone Marrow


Vincent Zattera Rotten Greens Set - 6 bottles (avail. in 1oz)

  • Toxic Apple, Spoiled Sage, Sour Swamp, Musk Lime, Infected Chives, Rancid Batter


Poch's Muted Storms - 6 bottles (avail. in 1oz)

  • Downpour, Tornado Dust, Tsunami, Hurricane, Hail, Typhoon


Gorsky's Mad Winter - 4 bottles (avail. in 1oz)

  • Looking Glass, Blind Snow, Winter Fever, Dark Blizzard


Gorsky's Sinful Spring - 4 bottles (avail. in 1oz)

  • Grey Glutton, Rotting Lust, Army Wrath, Moss Envy


Turco Flesh Set - 6 bottles (avail. in 1oz)

  • Portrait White, Light Skintone, Medium Skin, Medium Skin #2, Dark Skin, Deep Brown


Primary Color Set # 1 - 12 bottles (avail. in 1oz)

  • Great Wall Yellow, Whitehouse, Northern Lights Green, Napa Valley, Rolls Royce Purple, Pitch Black, Hoover Dam, Paul Rogers Red, Everest Orange, Vegas Green, Galaxy Purple, Nile River Blue


Primary Color Set # 2 - 12 bottles (avail. in 1oz)

  • Moroccan, Paris Pink, Donatello Blue, Big Ben Blue, Bahama Blue, Navy Seals Blue, Michaelangelo Yellow, Red Square, Purple Heart, Samule O'Reilley Red, Amsterdam Purple, Niagra Blue


Primary Color Set # 3 - 12 bottles (avail. in 1oz)

  • Golden Gate Yellow, Revolution, Liberaci Red, Carribean Blue, Einstein Blue, Galapagos Green, Sailor Jerry Red, Everglades Green, Leaning Tower of Purple, Bora Bora Peach, Whitehouse White, Dubai Gold

Pink Ribbon Set - 16 bottles (avail in 1oz)

  • Bright Peach, Cool Mink, Tan Peach, Dark Tan, Fair Peach, Dark Honey, Cool Peach, Dark Mink, Warm Mink, Cool Honey, Portrait White, Fair Honey, Warm Honey, Warm Peach, Tan Mink, Tan Honey

Simple Set6 bottle set (avail in 1oz)

  • Whitehouse White, Everglades Green, Sam O'Reilley Red, Moroccan Orange, Great Wall Yellow, Donatello Blue

Sixteen Set #1 - 16 bottles (avail in 1oz)

  • Plumb Island Black, Prince Albert Pink, Columbus Sea Foam, Sicilian Olive, Blue Oyster Cult, Pink Floyd, Fuji Mixing White, Copper Penny, Ireland Green, Venus Violet, Algarve Aqua, Greenland Ice Blue, Brooklyn Brownstone, Burnt Orange, Iceland Green, Ford Blue

Sixteen Set #2 - 16 bottles (avail in 1oz)

  • Black Sabbath, Miami Blue, Green Day, Rolling Stone, Paraguay Pink, Red Hot Chili Pepper, London Lavender, India Ink, Thailand Sunset, Bangkok Blue, Jolly Green Giant, Rust, Mediterranean Sea, GTMO Green, Rainbow Blue, Fountain Blue

 Jewel Set - 8 bottles (avail in 1oz)

  • Azure, Amethyst, Sapphire, Jade, Whitehouse, Moonstone, Opal, Emerald


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